Blue bin full of recycable material. There is a hand-drawn image on the front of the blue bin that reads, "The single most important influence that can change our environmental future is you".

What is SMART Living?


The Regional Municipality of York, in partnership with our local municipal partners, is developing, the SM4RT Living Plan, also known as the Integrated Waste Management Master Plan.

SM4RT Living will create a road map to help guide waste management in York Region for the next 40 years. This plan will focus on shifting minds, beliefs and values to drive waste prevention and reuse, while maximizing recycling, composting, and energy recovery. It will ultimately highlight the need for lifestyle changes and for more informed decisions around the way we buy materials and generate waste. This is a critical component of the goal to create a more sustainable community.

Through public and stakeholder engagement, this plan will evolve, be influenced and ultimately, guided by the community. Please join us in developing SM4RT LIVING: York Region’s Integrated Waste Management Master Plan.

How can I get involved?


There are a number of ways to learn more and have your voice heard. You can join our mailing list to receive new updates by submitting your contact information on our contact us page or you can send us your ideas by using our online comment form.

You can also help influence the development of the SM4RT Living Plan by taking part in the SM4RT Living Family Challenge. The challenge will take families on a journey to become more aware of their lifestyle choices and behaviours and explore what a SM4RT Living future means.


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  • What’s New

    The Phase Two Activities Summary Report is now available on the Project Reports page.

    The Phase Once Reports are now available on the Project Reports page.

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