Blue bin full of recycable material. There is a hand-drawn image on the front of the blue bin that reads, "The single most important influence that can change our environmental future is you".

What is SMART Living?


Over the next 40 years, The Regional Municipality of York in partnership with local municipal partners will work towards a goal of zero waste, using the methods outlined in the SM4RT Living Plan. The plan focuses on waste reduction, reuse and influencing behaviour change.

It identifies a need to shift the way waste is viewed, valued and managed. Reduction and reuse efforts will have the greatest impact in decreasing the amount of waste generated. By focusing on reducing waste, the Region will save money on upgrades and replacement costs to infrastructure, while managing the increasing demand associated with a growing population.

The most important part of this plan is that it is a combined effort. We each have a part to play, from York Region and the local municipalities improving and enhancing facilities and programs, to businesses producing more sustainable products, to residents making more conscious decisions when shopping. We need everyone’s support to make this plan a success.

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